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Spiritual & Financial Support

Local Financial Support Foundation in Ringgold, GA

Nearly a decade ago, 4-year-old Hunter Worley was tragically killed after being run over in an accident with a backhoe. Instead of letting this tragedy pull them away from each other, Hunter’s family instead decided to use it to help other families going through similar situations. Our organization was launched to help families dealing with all the struggle that comes with the sudden loss of a child. Located in Ringgold, GA, we serve families all throughout the Tri-State area and Chattanooga region.

What Do We Do?

The Hunter Worley Foundation runs completely on the charitable donations of community members. Every penny of these donations goes to a family in need. In order to ensure we are able to continue helping families, our organization hosts a range of events throughout the year. Our fundraisers typically involve music and fantastic performances from local singers and songwriters. Check out our calendar below for a list of concerts and ticket sales or to purchase merchandise to benefit our organization.

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How Can We Help?

The Hunter Worley Foundation is here to help families dealing with a sudden loss. If you need financial support for funeral costs and other unexpected expenses, 100 percent of our donations are set aside for your time of need. We also provide a network of pastoral support, counseling, and financial assistance for grieving families. From financial support to a spiritual shoulder, we are here for you.

Call Now for More Information

Our organization is here to help, no matter your circumstances. Get in touch with the Hunter Worley Foundation today and we will gladly answer all questions and guide you through the process of getting spiritual or financial support. Call now for more information.